Cara Membuat Blog Cepat, Mudah dan Gratis

Seo Serve. Cara membuat blog cepat, mudah dan gratis. His name is also still learning to make blogs and websites, so it is most appropriate theme ” Learning Guide cara membuat blog free at “. Of all the free blog providers – or is very famous in the world of martial arts website. Although only free but can generate power ” Dollar ” from the Google Adsense Program. All this because are the property of Mr Google, the Internet company is number one in the world.

cara membuat blog

cara mebuat blog


By having an account in Google Mail or Gmail ( ), you can easily create a blog on because the main requirement must have a Google Account. Have a Google Mail account can be utilized for various applications such as YOUTUBE, ANDROID, GOOGLE PLUS ( social networking service similar to Facebook and Twitter ) and other services.

Very easy membuat blog :

If you already have a Google account please apply this guide on how to create a free blog on blogspot with a incoming or and enter the email and password.

blogger – password

Upon entry will appear first hamalan blogger, want to quickly select only the ” Create Profile Blogger Limited ” but if you want to create another profile on Google Plus select ” Create a Google+ Profile “.


Greeting ” Welcome to the Blogger ” welcome your presence at


Input or Blogger Profile Display Name , you can use the name or theme Blog to be made. Then go to Blogger.


After Name Blog is ready , please click ” New Blog “, soon entered an exciting phase of creating a blog with or


Select the title and address or url of your blog . For example, ” forest – nature – “. If the address is already in use someone else then the search continues to get the address can be used. Blog titles may be similar to others but it does not address or url may be the same or the address must be unique because it will access the blog created.

The next step is to choose a template or blog desired look , after selecting the template please forward to the steps in ” Create a Blog “.


Now your blog at or is finished , the next step start writing articles or posts . The trick Click ” Start posting ”


Create a title at the top and then start writing the content , do not forget to create a ” label ” or keywords of your writing to be more easily recognized by Search Engines – click finish on the label.


When you want to insert the picture how to select an icon or link, and so on.

The last stage is the ” Publications ” button on the right side, and try to see the ” View Blog “.

Congratulations you ! ! ! Already has a blog at

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